4 Revolutionary Uses for Google Glass

Ever since it was announced in 2011, the world has not stopped talking about Google Glass, the latest state-of-the-art device which allows users to wear their computers, viewing and communicating with the Internet hands-free. The futuristic eyewear is already being tested and enjoyed by developers around the world before it becomes available to the general public next year, showcasing an impressive variety of apps that are going to revolutionise many aspects of our everyday lives:


Google Glass is set to have a number of ground-breaking benefits for health care services across the world, confirmed by research conducted in July 2013 by medical expert Lucien Engelen. Engelen deemed the quality of the video and images streamed using the device as suitable for sharing with others, helping to connect doctors and other medical professionals during periods of surgery where additional consultation is required. Other benefits include its ability to display a checklist to guide doctors and nurses during the procedure. It’s also a radical technology to use when teaching medical students, streaming videos of real surgery situations live for students to witness and observe straight from the operating room.

Team building

Earlier this month at the annual EIBTM (Exhibition for the Incentive Business Travel and Meetings) conference, Google Glass technology was used to demonstrate how its accessibility and convenience can be utilised to enhance meetings and company team building events. A significant asset to any organisation, the device allows members of staff to link up with other companies or internal divisions to set up conference calls and group meetings from anywhere in the world. It also has the potential to enhance training and educational services offered to employees, allowing others to access information and consequently encouraging a distribution of information unlike anything ever witnessed before.


Fitness apps are set to make “a killing” once Google Glass becomes a mainstream commodity, due to the incoming flux of fitness-based games for users, such as Race Yourself or RunKeeper, where they can compete with friends or try to beat their own personal records. Measuring calories, distance run, time taken, it can even create a digital ghost to compete with to motivate users to run faster, acting as a digital fitness band which also offers the opportunity to exercise with friends wherever they are. These sorts of games will help making exercise less of a chore and more of a challenge, and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their fitness levels.


Glass will give everyday life the revolutionary treatment when it comes to the kitchen. One of the first apps scheduled to be released for Google Glass is KitchMe, an app which allows users to search for recipes based on items you have in your kitchen, as well as create shopping lists and display a checklist of instructions to use whilst cooking. This will significantly help to making eating in easier, as well as eating out thanks to the proposed plans for other apps such as Glass Eats, which will enable users to discover local restaurants in advance and browse their menus. There’s also plans to implement a programme which analyses the nutritional content of items whilst you’re shopping, advising customers on healthy choices and encouraging them to make smarted decisions about what they eat.