What needs to be done when a bridge gap is exposed

bridge gap

Don’t ignore it

The first thing to do when you notice a bridge gap is exposed is not to ignore it.

Whilst a common approach when seeing an issue is to “ignore it so it disappears”, it is not the best thing to do when seeing a gap.

The quicker you notice something is wrong means the treatment can begin quicker.

Why does my bridge have a gap?

There are common reasons as to why someone may notice a gap.

Someone that may have had a new bridge and this can cause gums to swell, this is done to make the space tight.

The swelling goes down on its own within 2-8 weeks, and the gums reduce back to their normal size which leaves a gap.

Those who have a gap in their bridge have mentioned having difficulty speaking, and it may be harder for them to pronounce words that begin with “S” or “H”.

A small gap may be considered normal for this treatment, and the best treatment method would be to encourage the gap to properly heal before looking for treatment.

If I don’t treat it, what happens?

Bridge gaps that are not treated do not only stay the same as they were before.

They can get worse.

By ignoring a bridge gap, it can cause many negative effects on your oral health.

  • Higher chances of tooth decay
  • Experiencing gum disease
  • Affects the health of your other teeth
  • Decreases your self-confidence
  • Gives you headaches more often
  • Complicates your eating

See more.

Some cases involving gaps may be complex, but that does not mean someone can treat you.

Some dentists can provide treatment for a gap in your bridge that may not have healed. Gentle Dental can help treat any gap in a patient’s bridge if it has not naturally healed on its own for a significant amount of time.

They can make it better!

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